How to Develop Realistic and Meaningful IEP Goals
Based on the Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative's new book, "ASDs: Guide to Evidence-based Interventions," ( these tips can help build an effective IEP team and assist in writing goals that can make a measurable difference in a child's life.


Evidence-based Autism Interventions: How To Get Professionals and Parents on the Same Page
Simple tips to improve collaboration among the wide range of people involved in the care of a child with autism. More practical information is available in the free publication, "ASDs: Guide to Evidence-based Interventions" at


How Do I Know if an ASD Intervention Is Really Working?
The free publication, "ASDs: Guide to Evidence-based Interventions" ( helps parents and professionals answer this important question by using a sample intervention plan and case examples.


The Stuttering Foundation has the following information videos:

  • Stuttering and your child Help for Parents
  • If you Stutter Advice for Adults
  • Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers
  • Stuttering for Kids, By Kids
  • Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teens

Click here to view these videos.

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