MSHA Supports Research

To request the use of the MSHA listserv for research, please complete the following form.

If MSHA approves your request, and disseminates your survey to the MSHA membership, you will be expected to provide a written summary of your results and submit it to the VP for Communication for publication in a future MSHA LINK.

Every effort will be made to send your survey out in a timely fashion. Please keep in mind that all MSHA membership correspondence takes precedence when sending out listserv messages.

Precedence will also be given to those requesting surveys that are current MSHA members.

Once you request is approved, you will be asked to develop a message that will go to the membership to announce your research survey.  Your message must contain your contact information (phone number and e-mail address) and the survey link.  The MSHA listserv does not support graphics or attachments.  Messages that do not conform do these requirements will not be sent to the membership.


MSHA Member:
University and Department overseeing the research:
Names of all persons involved and relationship to the project, including Faculty sponsor(s):
Title of Research:

Provide a brief description of the research that includes the purpose, procedure, benefits of the study, risks if any and how findings will be used:

Timeline for participating: Start Date End Date

Requirements for needed participants:

Confidentiality Statement:
Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval date:

Questions:  Contact the MSHA Office at 1-888-729-6742 or

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